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Church visitations are a meaningful practice where members of a congregation reach out to connect with individuals in their homes or other settings. These visits provide an opportunity for fellowship, pastoral care, and building a sense of community, fostering deeper connections within the church family.

This is something we offer to all members of the church. Please click below to see what it requires to become a member of the church. 


Celebration is one of the core values of Household of Faith. A church celebration is a joyous gathering where the community comes together to commemorate significant milestones, religious events, or special occasions. Through worship, fellowship, and shared moments of gratitude, these celebrations strengthen the bonds within the church family and inspire a sense of unity and purpose.


Here at HOF, We offer a spiritual and supportive space for individuals and couples facing challenges or seeking guidance in alignment with their faith. Rooted in Christian principles, this counseling provides a foundation for healing, personal growth, and the restoration of relationships within the context of a compassionate and faith-based community. Looking for pre-engagement counseling, pre-marital counseling, marital counseling, spiritual counseling, career counseling, and the like. Please click the link below:


Baby dedication is a special ceremony where parents commit to raising their child in a nurturing and spiritually enriching environment, often within the context of a religious community. This heartfelt ritual is a celebration of love and parental devotion, seeking blessings and support from the community for the child’s journey ahead. In HOF, We cherish and celebrate moments like this! Please click below to fill out the form


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Church membership is a commitment to a community of faith, where individuals join together in shared beliefs, worship, and support. It provides a sense of belonging, fostering spiritual growth and encouraging active participation in the life of the church.

Membership Creed