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Acts 12:1-10

Father we pray that the gate to this City will be opened to us In Jesus Name.

It is unfortunate that the church does not rise up to pray except if there is a calamity, or loss or when we are at minus. We are supposed to pray at all time. We should pray until our Joy is full. We are no longer full in the place of prayer. It is not impossible for one person to put in chains but it is impossible for the entire church to be in chains. The church should rise in prayer. It is unfortunate that when we start praying, the damage is done. There is danger in a complacent church. It is not unusual to see church compete or put down another church as it has been like that in the days of the old. The Lord has not forgotten you. Amen.

We need to get to a point in our prayer life where we can pray out cancer and other diseases. We can’t be complacent and change things, God wants to see us move so he can move. You don’t win wars by being comfortable. The deal with God is to pray and He will answer. It is amazing what God will do if we rise up and ask him. There are a lot of people that stop coming to church after their prayers have been answered. You don’t have to believe for God to answer. God understands your faith level but if you feel your faith can’t carry it, still praying. You can’t give up on prayer as it is the only power you have. The prayer you need is not as much as the problem you have. The Lord already knows your wants and needs but he needs you to ask. God won’t do anything without your participation. There are times that you won’t have the right scripture to pray but your deep want will bring out the. We can change our situation and nation by prayer. You don’t have to be extraordinary to pray and command things but ask for the anointing. Why do we celebrate the victory of the devil instead of gathering to resist the devil.


Acts 4:16-24, 27-31

If we are prayerful we will be blessing full. Prosperity becomes limited when prayer is limited. A little threat causes some believers to hide instead of pray. The church is vulnerable today. A lot of churches has been silenced, but we are decreeing that boldness will return to the church in Jesus Name. The healing of the 40 year old man at the beautiful gate caused the Sadducees to question the authenticity of the miracle. Any church making progress must be ready for persecution. A lot of things are causing us to turn down the voice of God. If as Christians we are boasting without prayer, we are setting ourselves up for failure. It is also important to bring your problems to other believers so that they can join together in prayer. The only way for believers is the way of prayer. We are also suffering what unbelievers are suffering because we have refused to pray.  Before we pray, we complain and that has become a barrier to our prayer. If you can’t show up for prayer meeting, problem will show up. Join hands with prayer filled people to shut down the devil. The devil isn’t worried that you are a Christian because we don’t use the power we have in the place of prayer. Everything God wants to use for his glory is what the devil wants to attack. You need to pray for their children before shouting, you will need to pray for that marriage before talking to the lawyer, you also need to pray for that business before attending seminars. Medications does not replace prayer in your life. Don’t be deceived, the advancement of technology doesn’t mean we don’t need prayer again. Prayer must begin from our homes. No matter what you have to give, you won’t give except it is asked for. There are two things involved in this deal: You that needs to ask and God that answers. We believe that God would not answer that is why we have refused to ask. God doesn’t want us to operate in the level of our needs.  Don’t think God would not answer until you pray to the fullest. Our prayer life now is more of repentance and we always still go out to sin. We come to the place of repentance regularly. The Christians of the old prayed for boldness.  Let us pray a prayer that gets a crown in Heaven. Let’s get to the level where we begin to shake the gate of the enemy. Don’t ever doubt that God is at work in your life. No matter the pressure, ensure you pray first. The name of the Lord is a strong tower, let us run into it so we can be saved.


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