Dear Family & Friends,

On Sunday May 24th, we at Household of Faith will continue the transition back to in-person services. At this second phase, the LEADERS, WORKERS AND THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS will be asked to attend in-person services with the all other members tuning in online.

In an effort to prepare you for return to in-person service, we have the following guidelines here at HOF:

  1. We are restricting parking to the front of the church only and strongly ask you not to congregate in the parking lot before, during or after services.
  2. We strongly recommend that if you are in a vulnerable population (aged 65 years and above) or have any preexisting conditions, that you should wear a mask to church. We recommend that all church members should wear a mask to service if possible
  3. When seated in the sanctuary, we will follow a strict social distancing policy which will require you to sit in a designated area. Please adhere to the Ushers as no seating preference will be given at this time.
  4. We ask that you avoid any hugging, holding or close-contact gesturing throughout your entire duration in service and interaction with other members.
  5. We will have 3 in-person services at 9am, 10:30am and 12pm. We strongly ask that you attend only 1 service and leave after the service of your choosing to allow others occupancy in the sanctuary. Everyone is required to sign up for the service they are supposed to attend. Click Here to Sign up.
  6. At this time, Mustard Seed Children’s church, ETC and D4G will still have service online, there will NOT be any in-person services for the above ministries at this time. Any children or teenagers that come with their parents will be asked to sit with parents in the main sanctuary
  7. Please follow all hand hygiene such as washing your hands for at least 20 seconds after using the restroom, using the hand sanitizers available when touching any doorknobs and refraining from touching your face.

We are grateful to be able to move into the second phase and we know that if we all follow these guidelines, it will insure our safety and health at HOF. Please stay tuned to our website and social media outlets for ongoing updates.

God bless you and have an amazing day!

leslyicdigitalHOF COVID-19 Statement