The Technical Services Ministry functions as an arm of the Church’s Media Ministry.  Our purpose is to use technology to accomplish the mission of the church.  Our services range from simply providing equipment for church services to helping plan and produce events.

The primary areas in which we become involved are Sound, Lighting and Video reinforcement.  For the most part, our involvement is in the strictly technical areas, but we also may encompass logistics and system design.  Since more and more these types of systems involve computer and internet technologies, we are frequently involved in integrating computers with other systems.


The members of the Tech Ministry include:
1. Audio Visual Specialists 
2. Lighting Unit
3. Product Team 
4. Pre and Post Production Team 
5. Projection Team

We are drawn together because God has created us to serve others through our interest, gifts and understanding of technical gear (also known as tools or toys) and live television production. This is not a glamorous task, but far from it. This is a “behind the scenes” ministry, which gets noticed only when something goes wrong. Because of that, having a servant’s heart is one of the most important keys to being successful in this ministry. Technical knowledge can easily be taught. But a working model of the willing heart is the result of us yielding to God’s desire for us to serve the needs of others.

Not only is the technical ministries a tremendous blessing to those on the worship team, but we are a vital link to the success of each and every worship service at Household of Faith. We ALL are a team. A team requires each person to do their part, but it also requires us to all work together to get all the work done and help each other!


Lolade OgedengbeMultimedia Ministry