The HR Studios is a music/sound recording studio specializing in recording, production, mixing, voice-overs. Its creative and professional recording environment boasts a range of state of the art gear coupled with a relaxed setting located in Arlington, TX. The HR Studio is bespoke built and is a highly flexible studio able to cater for a whole host of studio recording, live recording, mixing, engineering etc.

Our services include: 
Production, Engineering, Mixing, Voice-overs and Audio to Visual Overdubbing, Song-writing as well as Music composition for TV adverts and scores for films and training in any interest field.

Our clients are many and varied such as artists, music producers or record producers, songwriters, session engineers, mix engineers, session musicians, session singers, voice directors or voice-over artistes. New clients are always welcome.

HR Studio gives you superbly designed acoustics for amazing quality recordings, as well as an extremely accurate mixing environment and also gives you a stunning studio recording for your voice-over producer, for your record producer or simply for you and your project.

For more information contact the Studio Manager 

Tel: (817) 461-8857 or
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